Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB HS468 Tires

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THE MOST PUNCTURE RESISTANT MTB-TIRE APPROVED FOR FAST E-BIKES. With ECE-R75 mark. On the central ribs it rolls easily over hard paths, while strong outer lugs give great offroad traction. The SmartGuard provides superior puncture protection. Good visibility even in the dark.

More information: Flat-less Technology

It is impossible to guarantee that a flat will never happen, but the Marathon Plus has the best defense against everyday tire wreckers such as glass, flints or metal shards. Use a pressure gauge to adjust tire pressures as the common 'thumb check' is insufficient due to the special construction of the Marathon Plus.


  •  Type: Wired
  •  Compound: Addix
  •  Version: SmartGuard
  •  Colour: Black-Reflex
  •  Seal: Tube
Version: SmartGuard (both 2.35 are SmartGuard Dual)
Seal: Tube
Type: Wire Bead
Compound: Addix
Colour: Black-Reflex
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