The Maxxis brand is both a vital asset and a source of pride for our 30,000+ employees. Because customers are the best possible ambassadors for our brand, we’re committed to providing the fine products and excellent service they demand.


Maxxis Brand Position

Our brand position summarises who we are as a company and allows us to differentiate Maxxis from our competition.

Our brand position: Maxxis is the tire of choice. With a focus on advanced technology, we develop premium tires that turn our lifelong customers’ passions into performance.

As a brand, Maxxis is associated with winners, including Olympic athletes and world-record holders. We provide high-quality tires that win in competition. Pushing the limits of technology, we give racers the traction they need. And the tire that takes a talented athlete across the finish line is also available to everyday consumers, who find that our products enhance their lives, both at work and at play.