Alfa Allroad Frameset 54+ Ruby (Translucent Dark Red) by Allied Cycle Works

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Meet the ALLROAD; The multi-surface, disc brake brother of the ALFA.

Not a gravel grinder, not a cross bike, not an adventure bike, not a commuter. The ALFA ALLROAD is a high performance road bike that you can ride damn near anywhere. A road bike that is equally at home in road races as it is on dirt or gravel roads. The development team paid special attention to preserve the high performance ride characteristics of the ALFA while integrating flat mount disc brakes and allowing riders to adjust tire widths from 23c all the way to 38c. Chainstays and wheelbase are kept tight, riders can move seamlessly from their current road bike to the ALFA ALL ROAD and experience the same thrilling feel that a great road bike provides. “The bike that I have waited my entire life to own” – Tony Karklins, Founder of HIA Velo

The unruly and untamed brother to the ALFA, the ALLROAD plays by no one's rules. It doesn’t care if you want to ride a 23c tire on the road or a 38c on the dirt. The ALLROAD can be tempted to take on the local trail, gravel road or hill climb. Not defined by one type of surface, the ALLROAD dares you to turn right on that gravel road you’ve ridden by so many times. The ALLROAD craves the dirt while owning the asphalt.

Clean lines, internal cable routing and disc brakes, the ALLROAD gives the middle finger to the rules. Meticulously handmade with US sourced unidirectional carbon and our proprietary INNEGRA S high modulus carbon, this triple monocoque frame delivers at under 920 grams placing it amongst the elite weights of performance bikes. If we could deliver this bike with a Johnny Cash LP and a bottle of whiskey we would.


Top Tube Length: 548
Head Tube Angle: 73
Seat Tube Angle: 73.5
Seat Tube Length: 532
Chainstay Length: 420
BB Drop (cm): 6.9
Wheelbase (cm): 997
Front Center (cm):
Fork Rake (cm): 48
Standover Height: 791
Head Tube Length (cm): 157
Stack: 559
Reach: 380
Wheel Size: 622 (700c)
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